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Manuals in English

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James Whitehead

登録日: 2007.01.09
記事: 4

記事日時: Thu Jan 18, 2007 8:47 am    記事の件名: Manuals in English 引用付きで返信

Dear all,
Since there appears to be many of you who are using the UFO Capture software and associated post-processing programs like UFOAnalayser and UFOOrbit, I wonder if anyone has written any short manual instructions in English that they may be willing to share with the community?

I understand from the software developers that they do anticipate writing English versions of the manuals, but are currently engaged in upgrades to UFOAnalyser and may not be able to complete these instructions for some time. We could even help them write the manuals! If anyone has even sketchy notes on how to use UFO Analyser etc , and are willing to share them, perhaps you'd care to post them here?

Fingers crossed!
Best wishes,
James Whitehead
St Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Robert J Cobain

登録日: 2006.04.25
記事: 77

記事日時: Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:50 am    記事の件名: 引用付きで返信

Hi James,

I do not know any Japanese so my knowledge of UFOAnalyzer is based on google translator and a bit of intuition! I wrote this little introduction to UFOA a while ago, but I will add more to it later.

The idea is that after a night of capturing, you open UFOAnalyzer and let it read your directory of captures (InDir). Make sure you have the 'logging' option switched on in the main UFOCapture program. The UFOA reads the CSV to see what has been captured.
If you have no CSV by accident, you can copy the file logrecover.txt into the folder and do 'log recover' in UFOA. First of all you need to go to the 'Profile' tab and tell i the paramters of your viewing location. The button 'Star Map' helps to get things nice and accurate. The magnitude estimation functions are not terribly accurate due to the limitations of video, so don't worry about them for the moment. The important thing is to get the starmap lined up to the stars that you can see in the video. You have to have a captured piece of video with stars in it of course loaded!
Once you have analyzed all the things captured, you need to go through each captured event and check that UFOA has analyzed correctly.
If a meteor is too faint, or there is some confusion, you can use 'Change Area' to narrow down the area that UFOA looks at. You can make the 'DL offset' less than zero so that it is more sensitive.
Maybe UFOA has confused a bird and a plane, you can use 'classify' to fix this.
Each captured video is marked 'Keep' or otherwise depending on the rules contained in the UFOArules.txt file in the program folder.
If you see that something is marked incorrectly 'Keep', you can change this too.
Once you are happy with the analysis you choose 'save csv'.
If you choose 'make report', this will make an html file that shows a report of what is captured and this report goes into the 'Out dir'
Then you probably want to delete all the rubbish like planes, birds, cosmic rays etc.
When you click 'do dispatch' depending on the 'Keep' boolean, rubbish files will be copied to a subdirectory called 'deleted' and the good stuff copied to the 'Out dir' directory. The csv is copied also minus records for those videos that were not kept.
Site Admin

登録日: 2004.08.07
記事: 9796
所在地: 139.67E 35.65N

記事日時: Thu Jan 18, 2007 10:02 am    記事の件名: Re: Manuals in English 引用付きで返信

Oh, Thank you James.
I am very glad to see the proposal like this.
It will be great contribution to many people.

I am making UFOAnalyzerV2(UA2) now.
There are tremendous improvements in UA2.
I will release UA2 as a free soft at the end of this month with Japanese Manual.
The Japanese manual of UA2 I now writing is over 50 pages.
If someone translate it to English, it will be truly great.
Thanks > Robert
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