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Recommended Night Sky observation system (Jan 2013)

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登録日: 2004.08.07
記事: 11340
所在地: 139.67E 35.65N

記事日時: Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:52 am    記事の件名: Recommended Night Sky observation system (Jan 2013) 引用付きで返信

Current recommendation for Standard Density (SD: 720x480/59.94i NTSC or 720x576/50.0iPAL) UFOCaptureV2 Single Capture System is below.

OS: Windows8(64bit)
-- Windows7(64/32bit) or WindowsXp(32bit) are also recommended.
-- Windows Vista is possible but not recommended because it requires many setting to run normal speed.
-- Windows Language version is free, but be sure to make a directory for UFO series root, that has 7bit ascii name (ex C:\UFO), because name of local language directory sometimes cause troubles.
-- Be sure to HDD auto power off setting to OFF. It is default of Windows 7,8.
------ Control Panel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Advanced settings > Hard disk > Turn off hard disk after -> Never
-- Be sure to do NTP time synchronization at least less than 1 hour interval (Windows default is once in a week).

PC style: Desktop PC (with second inner HDD)
CPU: Core series > 2.0GHz
HDD: Dedicate HDD physical drive for capture > 40MB/sec writing speed (such as 7200rpm inner SATA drive).
----- Same physical drive with system directory is possible, but it is not recommended because it requires many settings to stop tasks that use HDD simultaneously.
----- 50GB free space for one night or 1TB free space will be required for a year.
----- Be sure to stop background tasks such as indexing, unti-virus scan, auto-backup on the physical drive.
Bus: PCIEXx1 or PCI bus.
Interface: IEEE1394a

Video Capture: IEEE1394 video capture device (ex. Canopus ADVC55).
-- IEEE1394 devices use Windows builtin driver, therefore there is no compatibility problem for all Windows.
-- USB2.0 devices are possible, but it depends on Windows versions and may depend on languages, so there is no general recommendable device. Be sure to select so-called software coding device that does not use hardware video encoders.

Camera: Watec 902H2 Ultimate
-- Watec902H3Ultimate is almost same and usable.
-- It requires 0.01lux sensitivity with S/N > 30db(F1.0 lens, 1/60 or 1/50 shutter, Gain 30db, Gamma OFF).
-- Slow shutter camera or frame stacking camera is not usable for motion detection.
-- Noisy camera (such as low cost EM-CCD camera) is not usable for motion detection.
-- Recommendable color camera is not known.

--- Hi-speed lens which is F1.0 or less is strongly recommended.
--- FOV size 45 to 60degree is recommended for general purpose (It enables getting Mag4.0 reference stars easily).
--- Fish eye lens or All sky lens is not recommended, because they are dark and the object becomes very small and reference stars cannot be obtained.
--- Lens should be match to your camera, the compatibility is very complicated (mount type, iris type, iris pin connection, room inside of the mount which allows using attached compensation lens)
--- Recommended Products for CS-mount camera
60degFOV: CBC(Computar) HG0608AFCS 6.0mm F0.8 Video Auto-Iris CS-Mount (Aspherical) -- discontinued (used market)
30degFOV: CBC(Computar) HG1208AFCS 12.0mm F0.8 Video Auto-Iris CS-Mount (Aspherical) -- discontinued (used market)
20degFOV: Yakumo 17mm F0.95
15degFOV: Yakumo 25mm F0.95
45defFOV: FUJINON YV2.7×2.9LR4D-SA2 1/3inch f=2.9-8mm F=0.95 varifocus lenses (1/3" vari focus lens can be used for 1/2"CCD with its longer focus range)
45defFOV: CBC(Conputar) TG3Z2910AFCS-IR
Additional old document:
Examples in Japan:
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