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bbf warning

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dimi in

登録日: 2016.09.15
記事: 1

記事日時: Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:02 pm    記事の件名: bbf warning 引用付きで返信


i am a student, trying to use UFO Analyzer for meteor classification. While the analysis is running on meteors, for the cases that a meteor is identified as a ''sporadic'', i get a warning about the bbf. And after the analysis when i check the characteristics of the specific meteor i always get Vo=-1.0.

Could you please describe to me what this setting is? i searched in the manuals but i couldnt find an answer .

Please note that i am a beginner with the software.

Thank you very much in advance,
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Site Admin

登録日: 2004.08.07
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記事日時: Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:35 am    記事の件名: Re: bbf warning 引用付きで返信

It is a bit complex.
What is your video capture device?

The conclusion is ...
If it is IEEE1394 capture device, then you should turn ON the "Bottom Field First" check box on the Profile sheet of UFOCaptureV2,
and check OFF the "bbf check" check box on the Uty sheet of UFOAnalyzerV2.

If your capture device is other, then turn OFF the "Bottom Field First" of UFOCaptureV2 and check OFF the "bbf check" of UFOAnalyzerV2.

The reason is ....

bbf is the field order problem on interlaced video.
Interlaced video contains two fields that are imaged on different timing in one frame. One is odd horizontal lines, and the other is even lines.

There are two types video capture devices in the world.
One is odd lines first and the other is reverse.
bbf : ON means the field that contains the bottom line is earlier in time, and OFF means older.
So, bbf must be properly set depending on the capture device for correct measurement.

But the problem is the difficulty of knowing the order.
Usually its order cannot be known through spec, data, nor device driver interface.
So UFOAnalyser has auto testing function of the field order by tracking the movement of one object that should be smoothly one way. But it is not perfect and possibly fails.
So if you got the bbf warning, you should check the setting of field order.
But if it happens occasionally, and it just caused by irregular movement of some object, you should ignore the warning.
And you can disable bbf check by checking OFF the "bbf check" check box on the Uty sheet of UFOAnalyzerV2.

The wrong bbf setting of existing clips can be corrected by editing the xml files, deleting the M*A.XML(analysis result) that are stored in capture directory, and analyze again.
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