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記事日時: Sun May 08, 2005 6:51 pm    記事の件名: Satellite 引用付きで返信

Hi Robert
Ive just discovered your site and it looks extremely interesting. I am a retired professional astronomer and I spend my spare time tracking artificial satellites that are not catalogued by the official tracking agencies- this includes classified military payloads and lost objects such as spent rocket casings etc.
I have a computer controlled tracking system - called CoSaTrak and using a suitable lens
(such as a 145mm focal length f/2.5 lens or 125mm aperture f/5 refractor , amongst others) I am able to track satellites down to about magnitude +15.
Obviously I see a lot of meteors but dont pay much attention to them. I use a MINTRON camera and images are recorded to DVD recorder for later analysis by feeding into the video capture card of my pc- VHFExtreme -. I work in PAL mode.
I have not yet had time to have a good look at your software and what it does but it looks like I could have a use for it in satellite tracking. Pity the manual is in Japanese but I have been able to translate most of the Japanese on your web pages using facilities available on the Internet so maybe I have enough information to try it out.
If you are familiar with the SeeSat news group you will come across my name quite often- a web search on CoSaTrak will also give further information on my system etc, and a web search on "The videography of artificial earth satellites" will reveal more.
Best wishes and I will keep you informed.
Greg Roberts
Site Admin

登録日: 2004.08.07
記事: 10633
所在地: 139.67E 35.65N

記事日時: Sun May 08, 2005 9:13 pm    記事の件名: RE:Satellite 引用付きで返信

Hi Greg Roberts
Welcome to SonotaCo network.
I guess your message might be for me, so I respond instead of Robert.
SonotaCo is my handle name in network though it is very strange, I'm the author of UFOCapture.
SonotaCo Network is spontaneous communication group of UFOCapture users.

So far, we are mainly interested in meteors and sprites, but many of us have interest in satellites also.
We capture many flashes of satelites every night. Most of them left as unknown, but sometime, we identify its source.
For example, look messages below.

If UFOCaptureV2 normally runs on your pc, and help your work, I will send you beta-test license key.
UFOCaptureV2 is usable for one month without registration, so please test in it.
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Satellite Tracking

記事日時: Sat May 14, 2005 6:40 pm    記事の件名: 引用付きで返信

Good morning,

Many thanks for your reply-sorry I got your name wrong SonotaCo.

When I originally tried your UFOCapture software I was unable to get it to run,but after some correspondence with Yk he pointed me in the right direction and I replaced my video capture card with a later video card I had. Ive just installed the card - with the original drivers, and both the free and the beta versions of your program works -ie I am able to run my DVD recoder S-video output into my video card and display it in your program. Now all I have to do is find out what all the settings mean etc but I have been able to get AVIs of about 20 Mbytes and play them back okay.

Many thanks also for pointing me to the items re satellite tracking - most interesting.

I would therefore very much appreciate it if I could send me a beta test licence key. My email address is

grr at iafrica dot com

(replace the "at" with @ and "dot" with "." )

My pc setup is

Windows XP Professional - 2 Ghz Pentium
S-video input from DVD recorder - PAL D/K -I
Original drivers supplied with card in May 2001. I see ZOLTRIX have later drivers for WDM so will download and install this as well.
Directx 9.0c

I think thats all.
Many thanks

Greg Roberts
Site Admin

登録日: 2004.08.07
記事: 10633
所在地: 139.67E 35.65N

記事日時: Sat May 14, 2005 9:18 pm    記事の件名: 引用付きで返信

Hi Greg Roberts

Thank you for joining beta test.
I will send you a key soon.

I am very grad to hear that my program runs on your PC anyway.
Thanks Yk.

You are the first person who use UFOCapture in South Africa, I believe.
I suppose that you have beautiful sky which we do not have.
I look forward to the day when I can see your clips.
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