SonotaCo Network Video Meteor Observation 2007-2008

J4 vs IAU Working list


This page was additional information for J4 catalog, sending from SonotaCo to Dr. Peter Jenniskens of IAU C22 chair, within the dicussion of new names and codes on March to April 2009.


1) AVB #21 SLE#136 vs J4_aVi

The radiant position differs almost 20 deg

The drift direction does not match.

Vg is not so near. (AVB=16.8, SLE=23, J4_aVi=18.7)

-> should be treated as different.

1.1) Concentration of J4_aVi

this figure shows the all radiants on April 20th to May 8 in two years.

J4_aVi shows a compact concentration compared with spordics around . There were 16 meteors.

The criterion I used was more than 10 meteors over the 39208 meteors.

Therefore I recognized this as an shower.

The dift values are not reliable, because 12 of 16 meteors appears only two nights of April 29 and April 30.

2) NIA #33 vs J4_bPs

sol = 139.5


The radiant position differs more than 20 deg at sol=147.0 (the peak of NIA)

Vg differs a lot (NIA=27.6 J4_bPs=38.3)

-> should be treated as different.

3) DAD #334 (J4_aDr) vs KDR #336 (J4_kDr)

J4_kDr is a bit faster than J4_aDr.

J4_kDr is compact and appears a lot in a short time period.

While J4_aDr is diffused and has a long time period.

The drift direction and the position of a night do not match.

-> should be treated as different.

4) KCG #12, ODR#88 vs J4_kCg

I cannot say anything about this.

May be KCG is defused and the activity differs very much depend on the year.

5) Concentration of J4_gDr

These figures show the all radiants of July 25 to Aug 1 of two years.

The concentration of J4_gDr was compact and clear. There were 22 meteors.

J4_gDr appears only in a few nights. Therefore its drift has not much meanings.

May be this cluster was treated as one of a cluster of early appearance of KCG. And it might be deffrent from GDR#184 in the IAU working list.

The handling of KCG group is very difficult, but I thought this early concentration can be treated as independent one.


On 2009 April 8 Dr. Peter Jenniskens decides following IAU names and codes.

SonotaCo IAU proposition
no. code name # code name memo
1 J4_aDr alpha Draconids 334 DAD December Alpha Draconids newly added to

Working list

2 J4_cVi chi Virginids 335 XVI December Chi Virginids
3 J4_kDr kappa Draconids 336 KDR December Kappa Draconids
4 J4_nEr nu Eridanids 337 NUE Nu Eridanids
5 J4_oEr omicron Eridanids 338 OER Omicron Eridanids
6 J4_pUm psi Ursae Majorids 339 PSU Psi Ursae Majorids
7 J4_tPy theta Pyxids 340 TPY Theta Pyxidids
8 J4_xUM xi Ursae Majorids 341 XUM Xi Ursae Majorids
9 J4_bPs beta Piscids 342 BPI August Beta Piscids
10 J4_aVi alpha Virginids 343 HVI h Virginids
11 J4_gDr gamma Draconids 344 JUG July Gamma Draconids
12 J4_aHy alpha Hydrids 331 AHY Alpha Hydrids already in

Working list

13 J4_eEr eta eridanids 191 ERI Eta Eridanids
14 J4_rPe rho Perseids 208 SPE September Perseids
15 J4_tUm tau Ursae Majorids 333 OCU October Ursae Majorids

From now on, IAU proposition codes and name should be used.

J4 catalog will be updated to J5 catalog using new codes and names.