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PDA / SonotaCo Network Meteor orbit data sets v3 (SNMv3)

This page is the original data archive of meteor orbit data sets obtained by video meter observation of SonotaCo Network in Japan.


Please include below as the reference when one uses the contents of this page in published paper.

SonotaCo (2009). “A meteor shower catalog based on video observations in 2007–2008”. WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization, 37:2, 55–62.

SonotaCo (2016). “Observation error propagation on video meteor orbit determination”. WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization, 44:2, 42–45.

SonotaCo (2017). “Exhaustive error computation on 3 or more simultaneous meteor observations”. WGN, Journal of the International Meteor Organization, 45:5, 95–97.

SonotaCo, T. Masuzawa, T. Sekiguchi, T. Miyoshi, Y. Fujiwara, K. Maeda, S. Uehara (2021): "SNMv3: A Meteor Data Set for Meteor Shower Analysis" WGN, the Journal of the IMO, 49:3,

In case of using an exact permanent link of a specified data for verification or re-computation,

please use the name and the permanent link of each data below as the reference.

Binded set

name permanent link size year #orbits published date remark
_U2_SNMv3_2007-2020_all_c.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/007_020a.zip 41MB 2007-2020 353,231 18/July/2021 *
_U2_SNMv3_2007-2020_Er1Ev5_c.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/007_020e.zip 15MB 2007-2020 128,228 18/July/2021 hi accuracy set for J14


*: 18/Sep/2021 "_b" format modification: significant digits of floating numbers are unified
04/Oct/2021 "_c" format modification: delete all blanks

Yearly set with note and outline plots

name permanent link size year #orbits published date remark
_U2_20070103_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/007a.zip 2.6MB 2007 19229 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20080101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/008a.zip 2.6MB 2008 19416 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20090101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/009a.zip 3.4MB 2009 25911 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20100101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/010a.zip 3.5MB 2010 25912 18July/2021 -
_U2_20110101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/011a.zip 3.3MB 2011 24605 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20120101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/012a.zip 3.8MB 2012 29200 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20130101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/013a.zip 3.6MB 2013 26855 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20140101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/014a.zip 3.0MB 2014 22079 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20150101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/015a.zip 2.6MB 2015 19087 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20160101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/016a.zip 3.1MB 2016 22943 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20170101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/017a.zip 3.5MB 2017 26241 18/July2021 -
_U2_20180101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/018a.zip 3.9MB 2018 29720 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20190101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/019a.zip 3.8MB 2019 28587 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20200101_S.csv https://www.astro.sk/iaumdcDB/PDA/SNMv3/020a.zip 4.2MB 2020 33446 18/July/2021 -
_U2_20210101_S.csv - - - - will be 2022 -

SNMv3 Orbit F ile Format

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